Trademark Registration
We provide Trademark services at affordable price to our clients in India & across the globe which suits the client's requirements and expectations. We cover all the requirements and meet their expectations to their complete satisfactions of our global clients beginning from Trademark Search, Trademark Filing, Trademark oppositions, Trademark Appeals, Trademark Registration, Trademark Assignment, Trademark Licensing, Trademark Renewal, Trademark Watch and Trademark Enforcement. Apart from this we also deal with International Trademark registration services. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced Trademark Consultants and Attorneys who are experts in solving the Trademark issues and client's queries.
Our Trademark Services Includes
The professional services that you will obtain whenever you approach us through emarks

Personalized Telephone Consultation
Opinion about registration
Professional Preparation and filing of your application
Maintaining all your Trademark records
Follow-up in Trademark Office
Notifying acceptance or objections of the application by the office
In the case of objections by the office, we would prepare the reply/counter
Counseling the publication of application in Trade Marks Journal and forwarding a copy of the relevant page of the journal to you
Advising time limits for responding to office actions
Acquiring Registration Certificate
Procedures & Steps
1. Trademark Search: It is advisable to conduct a Trademark search for the relevant classes before filing the application to register a Trademark in order to make sure that there is no identical or similar Trademark already registered or for which an application for registration has been filed.

2. Application: Filing of an application for registration by a person claiming to be the proprietor of a Trademark in the office of the Trademark Registry within the territorial jurisdiction of the place of business in India.

3. Examination: Examination of the application by the Registrar to ascertain whether it is distinctiveness and does not conflict with existing registered or pending Trademarks.Followed by the examination report.

4. Publication: Publication of the application in the Trademark Journal before or after acceptance of the application.

5. Opposition: Opposition by third party, after publication if any person gives notice of his/her opposition to the registration within three months which may be extended to the maximum of one month.

6. Hearing: Hearing before Registrar, if the opposition has been decided in favour of the applicant the registrar shall register the Trademark. If the oppstion has been decided in favour of the opponent the application for the registration of the trademark would be rejected.

7. Registration: Registration of Trademark, on the registration of the Trademark the Registrar shall issue to the applicant a Trademark Registration Certificate.