Design Registration
Our Design registration services provide fast and effective evidence to protect the rights of creators. We cover all the requirements and expectations of our global clients beginning from Design opinion and assistance, Design filing, Design Registration, Investigate the status of Design registrations and scope of the protection, Design Assignment, Design Licensing, Investigate Design infringements, Design infringement action and enforcement services. 

The field of Design is Highly Technical, it is very difficult for a reasonable man to go through the process without advice. Our team of professionals is having a long experience in Design matters and they are academically strong to solve all your queries pertaining to Design. Our highly skilled and experienced professionals can help you to protect your original works from being copied without permission.
Design could be obtained only if:
The design should relate to features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornamentation applied or applicable to an article.

The design should be applied or applicable to any article by any industrial process.

The features of the design in the finished article should have aesthetic value.

In general, a design is the outer look of an article that a naked eye can see. A design is defined as the features of shape, configuration, pattern, ornament or composition of lines or colours applied to any finished article by any industrial process and is judged solely by the eye.
Our Design Services Includes
The professional services that you will obtain whenever you approach us through emarks

Personalized Telephone Consultation.
Design advice and assistance.
Opinion about registration.
Maintaining all your Design records .
Follow-up in Design Office.
Advising time limits for responding to office actions.
Acquiring Registration Certificate>