Patent Assignment & Licensing
Assignment and grant of licence of patents can be done by the patentor to any person. Such assignment or licence is valid only if it is made in writing and agreement with regard to the terms and conditions of the use of patents and the rights and obligations of the assignee are mentioned in such an agreement. The power to assign or grant licence or otherwise deal with, the patent and to give effectual receipts for any consideration for any such assignment, licence or dealing of the patents shall also be vested with the grantee of the patents subject to the co-ownership of the patent. 

A licensee or an assignee who becomes entitled to the patent of such assignment or licence shall register his title with the Controller of patents by application in the prescribed manner for notice of his interest in the patent. The assignor or the licensor, as the case may be, make an application regarding the assignment or grant of licence to the Controller registration of title of the person entitled as a result of such assignment or grant of licence. On sufficient proof of title, the Controller shall enter in the register the assignee or licensee as the proprietor or the co-proprietor of the patent in the register of patents.

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